D N your A

23andMeI’m certainly not running for office any time soon (or ever probably), but apparently it’s important that you know my full genetic makeup, so here you go. I got this test done in part out of curiosity, but more because I think it’s cool information to have. We all think we know ourselves and our histories, but records can be tough to track down, and if you’re like me, your great grandparents just made shit up or shut down completely whenever they were confronted with uncomfortable questions.

Another person jumping on the share-your-DNA-with-the-world bandwagon today was Senator Elizabeth Warren. Her release was in response to President Trump’s trend of calling out Democrats for their inability or willingness to produce documentation for their claims. As with the last time he used this tactic, the Democrat in question did, in fact, have the documents to prove their point.

For those of you unaware, Mr. Trump and a contingent of conservatives took to mocking Senator Warren for her claims of being part Native American, saying that she was using it to garner an advantage when applying for jobs at top-tier law schools. The President even went so far as to offer $1 million to a charity of her choosing if she were to prove her Native American heritage. When asked about it today he said, “I didn’t say that. Nah, you better read it again.” With his falling net worth, maybe he feels like he can’t afford it.

Far be it from me to presume to know what’s going on in the mind of the Senator today, but I imagine it’s not too far from, “BOOM, MOTHERFUCKER! FACTS!” Or at least that’s what I hope it is, but I suppose that isn’t very presidential.

Ya know, she’s such an eloquent speaker, I’ll let her speak for herself:




2 Replies to “D N your A”

  1. I think hitting the Cheeto with a fact bomb is perfectly presidential, but I do tire of the games over Warren’s identity. The facts of the matter are far more subtle and problematic than the public debate over it, and this isn’t any different.


    1. I think it’s safe to say that the facts of most matters are more subtle and problematic than the public debate might lead us to believe. Broadly, I’m a proponent of reading the actual reports and listening to the actual words of all parties involved, but I have clearly chosen the more attention-span-conscious route here. 🙂


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