Who IS this guy?

FB_IMG_1540577305869.jpgSean Patrick Farrell is a writer and comedian whose slew of terrible life choices make fun fodder for storytelling. He also sometimes insists on sharing his opinions about the world, primarily in the hopes that you’ll be more like him someday.

Sean was born in Santa Monica, California, and raised primarily in the San Fernando Valley. Though well-loved, Sean finds plenty to be upset about in his childhood, like his weight problems, his nerdiness, and his social inadequacies. Acne would be on that list, too, had it not carried on into his adulthood so successfully.

He moved away from SoCal at 18, and took his antics to Northern California where he spent much of his budding adult years. After earning what he deemed “one of the most useless pieces of paper he’s ever received” from the University of California, Davis, he began a career in politics in Sacramento.

Not wanting his early successes in politics to get in the way of his career as a writer and comedian, he committed fully to a life of alternating depression and partying that guaranteed years of struggle, and some damn good stories. He continues to lead that life today, stumbling about Chicago with his dog Maximus, and doing the artist thing in earnest.